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Updated highlights of key frontier scientific and spiritual discoveries made in the last 20 or so years in quantum physics, cosmology (astronomy of our universe), evolutionary biology, mind/consciousness, parapsychology (psi, remote viewing, etc.), findings on near-death experiences (NDEs), reincarnation investigations/studies, exploration of the “spiritual realm” from between-lives hypnosis subjects, overview of the human subtle-body system, very unusual mind-body phenomena and how it can be explained by the human subtle-body system, nature of love, etc. Found on the Main sources of information are:

  • Highlights from my main research book Frontiers of Knowledge
  • Presentations made at annual meetings at the Society for Scientific Exploration and regional chapters of organizations exploring frontiers in science and spirituality
  • New research findings I uncovered after I finished Frontiers of Knowledge in mid 2013 (most on my blog but also included in the different phenomenology overviews).

Frontiers of Knowledge: Scientific and Spiritual Sources for a New Era

Framework of Reality: Understanding Our Subtle Spiritual Nature


I am making available handouts of three key papers that will be of interest to those wanting samples of the scope of phenomena covered in Frontiers of Knowledge:

Highlight of Our Spiritual-Based Reality 2016.03.03

Ability of Subtle-Energy Model to Explain Mind-Body Phen. 10.01.14

Highlights of Sample Between-Lives Regression Case (Frontiers of Knowledge Excerpt)

Highlights of a Sample Between-Lives Regression

On June 20-23, 2016, I did a poster presentation at the Society for Scientific Exploration’s annual conference titled “Explaining Unusual Consciousness Phenomena.” Handouts of my presentation are available below in PDF formats.

 2016 SSE.Conf-Pres.Psi as a Soul Phenomena_DKinney

Insights on Subtle-Energy Domains-Dr. Yory Kronn


Individuals wanting a copy of Dr. Yory Kronn’s paper “Subtle Energy and the Cosmos – Part 1” can download the following PDF. This paper provides a good overview of the etheric subtle realm and the relationships of our universe’s matter and energy with those of the etheric subtle realm. Also, Dr. Kronn provides information on processes for creating subtle-energy healing devices. Highlights of the nature of the etheric subtle realm are provided in the PDF document and on a recent blog post (Description of Subtle Realms/Dimensions).


For those wanting more information on this subject, visit his company’s website Research Library: http://www.vitalforcetechnology.com/research-library

Product information can be found at the sites home page for different applications: www.vitalforcetechnology.com.

DOWNLOADABLE PDF PAPERS AVAILABLE (May-June 2016) covering key aspects of my 2016 4-Part Knowledge & Experiential Workshops

1. “My Spiritual Journey and Experiences.” Find below (and also located under the “About Doug” tab).

My Spiritual Story & 21st-Century Knowledge_2016.03

3. Frontiers of Knowledge‘s Highlights of NDE Investigations.

Frontiers Highlight on Investigations of NDEs_2016.05.23

4. Frontiers of Knowledge‘s Chapter Summary  of Reincarnation Investigations.

Frontiers Ch. Summary on Reincarnation Investigations 2016.05.23

New Thought in the 21st Century 

2014 article for New Thought Magazine

Describes how New Thought centers can use the information in Frontiers of Knowledge to support new members.

New Thought in the 21st Century-Handout 2.20.14


  • See new post on under the ‘evolutionary biology’ tab of “Science: A New Era” that presents highlights (and links) how APT (cell energy) is produced by cell “nanobot.” Click Here
  1. See Blog post on holistic health and medicine.
  2. See Blog post on presentation to the 2015 SSE Conference.
  3. More material on biological system design and engineering perspective is provided under the ‘evolutionary biology’ tab of “Science: A New Era.” Click Here


*BlogTalkRadio Interview (Feb. 12, 2015) Now Available. A 1-hr interview by Jim & Asley Cash of Wovengreeen is now available here:


The interview with me starts at about the 11-minute mark. In the interview, I present key highlights from my book Frontiers of Knowledge. This is your chance to obtain an audio recording by me.

*New posting under spiritual sources/reincarnation. In Frontiers of Knowledge, I introduce and use three sources that represent scientific and systematic investigations of this topic: investigations of children who remember their last past life in detail, Wambach’s group regression study of historical past-life remembrance trends, and Semkiw’s discoveries on the similarities of current individuals with the their past-life appearance, personality traits, and family and friends. In this post I introduce two other significant studies on reincarnation by Paul Von Ward and Carol Bowman. Von Ward also posits how the strange remembrances, knowledge, and physical birthmark phenomena can be created. To see details [go here]

*See posting on “four new multidimensional forces/laws/attributes that the channeled entity Kryon is predicting:

  1. A “quantum lens” for seeing into these subtle dimensions.
  2. The discovery of two more universal forces: the strong and weak multidimensional forces.
  3. The third discover Kryon is predicting is the “coherence” of the basic building blocks of our physical universe (atoms and their subatomic particles) with with the creative source.
  4. Kryon’s fourth and last discovery is the multidimensional nature of consciousness.

[Here: Kryon Moscow] each of the four is described and related to material in Frontiers of Knowledge, which describes how most of the new scientific anomalies requires subtle-energy qualities to explain.

*Report on First Workshop Available in Blog (8.04.14). Workshop included 3 experiential exercises plus overviews of key material in Frontiers of Knowledge. [General description of my 6-hour workshop’s content is provided under “Other Products / Workshops.”]

*New Overview of Frontiers of Knowledge Provided Under “My Books” [Here] My goal is to capture the book’s essence in < 400 words.

*See new pull-down entry in “A New Era Overview” under “Science: a New Era.” [Here] There I provide the long, detailed abstract [with figure of the human subtle-energy body system; see below] for my June 7, 2014 presentation at the Society for Scientific Exploration’s Annual Conference:

abstract Fig. 1.jpegFigure of the first seven human subtle-energy bodies.




The first 1-hour interview show with my good friend and host Rev. Robert McMillan occurred on April 16 and is available at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/renford/2014/04/17/the-k-n-o-w-show-with-guest-doug-kinney.

The second 1-hour interview show with Rev. J.V. (Robert) McMillan on his weekly blog radio internet show (The K-n-o-w show) occurred July 30. His questions and my answers provide a good overview of the material in Frontiers of Knowledge. The recording of the show can be accessed at: Radio Interview  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/renford/2014/07/31/the-k-n-o-w-show-with-douglas-kinneys


Examples are provided for the continuity of facial similarities of current individuals with who they were in past-lives.

*New book excerpt from Frontiers of Knowledge (4.07.14): See My Books / Book Excerpts. [Here] Two excepts give brief descriptions of unusual consciousness phenomena: (1) two verified near-death out-of-body accounts and (2) very young child relieving memories and personality traits of child donor.

Understanding Our Subtle Spiritual Nature. For highlights and an overview of Framework of Reality, see My Books / Book Excerpts

*My books chronicle my journey of spiritual exploration and discovery, from which I have synthesized key findings on the nature of the spiritual realm (“heaven”: the multidimensional spiritual universe), the nature of souls, the nature of the spiritual source we call God, and the probabilistic, parallel, multidimensional nature of all reality. These findings provide evidence or hints on answers to some of our most fundamental questions:

  1. What happens to us when we die; does our consciousness continue; and if so, in what form?
  2. What is the nature of reality; is it more than our physical universe?
  3. Is there an eternal soul consciousness that is our essence; and if so, does it have recurring experiences in the human form through reincarnation?
  4. What is the purpose of human life?
  5. Is there an original source God that expanded itself through the creation of souls (angels), universes, and all life; and if so, how did this creation unfold?

I sense humanity moving into a new age where knowledge of the human spirit (the soul part) can be expanded and developed into an integrated and supportable description of non-physical reality in a way that is not anti-science, but is in partnership with science. This partnership is central to success because we don’t want to give up the accomplishments we have made through the application of reason to science, technology and human affairs. In our world science is the dominant paradigm for exploring and expanding human knowledge, and any new paradigm for expanding knowledge needs to build on its great accomplishments and relate to it. For this reason, I begin my two books with the first one focused on science. The second book focuses on key spiritual sources for a new age of spiritual knowledge.

I welcome you to explore my website to find out all of the answers to the above questions and more.  Please feel free to contact me with feedback or to sign up for an upcoming event.  To be contacted with upcoming news, please sign up for the newsletter and/or visit again to see the latest on my blog.



  1. Mike Jay says:

    congratulations doug, it never ceases to amaze me that work that happens inside the introvert, Jung would be proud of you.


  2. Michele Banks says:

    I met you at the IANDS meeting of 3/2/14. I needed help with finding my purpose in life. My passions are science and spirituality. I have just subscribed to your website. I thank you very much for all the help you can give me. I am currently unemployed. I will call you soon as you asked me to do.
    Michele Banks
    (301) 498-5958

  3. Mkweli Johnson says:

    As a Minister I’m interested in your work.

  4. Gerie Bell says:

    Thanks, Doug, for sharing your knowledge! I was at the IONS meeting a few weeks back and thoroughly enjoyed your discussion…. and likewise, I’ve just enjoyed so much your conversation on the K N O W radio show…. Hope you come back to the Tues night IONS mtg soon!! Gerie Bell

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