Comparison of Rich NDEs with Between-Lives Regression [9.11.14]

Last Sunday (Sept. 7) I made a presentation to the Applied Physics Lab chapter of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) that covered both NDEs and between-lives regression experiences. For an NDE with rich experiences of the spiritual realm, I selected Jan Price’s NDE. In it she experienced all 13 of my expanded NDE elements. Some of the highlights of this NDE are:

  • She was “energized” in the early phase of her NDE (after the OBE and moving away from earth).
  • The deceased relative she met was her recently deceased dog, Maggi.
  • She saw the nonphysical nature of souls, but she also described how souls can project a human (or dog) appearance so that the newly arrived soul will recognize them.
  • She experienced different dimensions in the spiritual realm that were associated with the energy consciousness of souls.
  • She described groups of soul involved in what she labeled “community activities.” These include painting, dancing and singing.
  • She also saw writer souls “broadcasting” seed ideas to earth to be picked up by humans.
  • She had two mystical (transcendent) experiences with a wise (adviser) being and her higher self.

Jan also described how she could “see” without the limitations of her physical “optical apparatus.” This was definitely the case for a study I briefly covered on the ability of physically blind humans to “see” in the spiritual realm.

In my summary of the comparison between NDEs and between-lives regression, I emphasized the following points:

  • Jan’s experiences with her dog Maggi, brought up the issue: Do animals evolve to have human-like experiences? There is no mention of this is Newton’s between-lives cases.
  • Why are NDE more impactful? (Many NDErs have psychological and/or physical changes.)

I picked up the idea that NDErs might be experiencing DNA changes because of their experiences–including being psychic. (This was attributed to Pim van Lommel, a major NDE researcher in conversation with the NDE author Judy Bachrach: Glimpsing Heaven.)

If you would like a copy of this briefing, send a request to me.


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