Discovery of the Century

Insight into the potential significance of the extraordinary research findings in frontier consciousness and spirituality is provided in a statement by Steven Weinberg, a Nobel Laureate in physics, when he wrote, “If it could be shown that there is any truth to any of these notions [referring to subjects such as telekinesis, astrology, precognition, channeling, and clairvoyance], it would be the discovery of the century [emphasis added], much more exciting and important than anything going on today in the normal work of physics.”

He did not list NDEs, investigations supporting reincarnation, the between-lives information that correlates with rich NDEs, but I think he would have put them in with the other phenomena when he wrote that statement in 1992. Information on the reality of these topics is provided in Frontiers of Knowledge, and they strongly support the reality of a nonphysical spiritual realm populated by souls–some of whom incarnate as humans.

I ended a recent paper on the key findings of Frontiers of Knowledge with the following.

“All of this provides the foundational concepts and information for a spiritual-based world-view of reality. It is an amazing story that at one level can be viewed as uncovering the ‘fingerprints’ of God through all existence in the form of souls, individualized consciousness with free will. For those coming from the scientific perspective, it provides the consciousness behind quantum physics. It is as John Bell, 20th-century’s most insightful quantum physicist on consciousness, said [about finally answering quantum mechanic’s question on the original source of consciousness in our universe],’that the new way of seeing things will involve an imaginative leap that will astonish us.’ I believe they could be ‘the discovery of the 21st-century.'”


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