Hints of Quantum Physics’ Multidimensionality

A Jan. article* in Discovery Magazine titled “Amplituhedron May Shape the Future of Physics” hints at a new way to see the universe. The amphlitahedron is a multidimensional geometric shape created by Princeton physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed in his search to simplify the analysis process determining the outcome of quantum particles collisions (interactions). It combines the multiple Feynman diagrams and equations into the amphlitahedron–see figure below. Here is a quote from the magazine article:

“Arkani-Hamed noticed the formula could be rearranged and still yield the same answer. Like paleontologists brushing away dirt to reveal a fossil, he and his colleagues found the pieces of a shape within the math — pieces that together form a multidimensional amplituhedron. [Emphasis added] The shape’s dimensions — length, width, height and other parameters (hence “multidimensional”) — represent information about the colliding particles, and the equation describing its volume also describes the particles that emerge from the collision.”

amplituhedron in Q.MThe article quotes Arkani-Hamed labeling the Amplituhedron a “baby example” in the journey to create a new kind of physics. He believes it is a discovery equal to the discovery of the probabilistic particle collisions themselves.


If you want to know even more, go the the following blog entry:


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