Development of Spiritual Hypnosis

The last several days I have been reading about some of the developers of past-life regression therapy in volume 1 of Regression Therapy: A Handbook for Professionals. The editor and the major author is Winafred Blake Lucas. The publisher is Transpersonal Publishing. (It is owned by NATH, the hypnotherapy organization that I trained under.)

The other contributors to Vol. 1 are major contributors to the development of this discipline: Ronald Wong Jue, Hazel Denning, Roger Woolger, Edith Fiore, Chet Snow, Tineke Noordegraaf, Rob Bentenbal, Irene Hickman, Edward Reynolds, Barbara Findeisen, Thorwald Dethlefsen, and Ernest Pecci. Almost all are PhD psychologists or medical doctors. Several are from Europe; plus some of the Americans studied in Europe. They represent a world-wide movement that came together to develop past-life regression as a discipline in the second half of the 20th century. It is fascinating to read their 2-3 page autobiographies, their past-life hypnosis techniques (including induction approach), and their views on the power of past-life regression.

Let me give you a few sample from one hypnotherapist, Edith Fiore. Flore wrote, “Currently I use hypnoanalysis exclusively in my practice because the roots of symptoms often lie in past lives, and we deal with those former incarnations that are responsible for the particular problems.” [p. 251] She goes to to state, “Any symptoms or problems that are not directly caused by current situations have their roots either in repressed memories or in possessions by earthbound spirits. . . . Headaches, pains, disorders, or weaknesses of certain areas of the body are often related to event that occurred in former lifetimes.” [p. 253] On pages 266-69, she describes how she uncovered the past-life source of a client’s insomnia and how she helped him eliminate the problem–basically through recalling the past-life events that were the source.

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