Past-life Regression on Dr. Oz Show

On Feb. 20 this year, Dr. Oz presented a very interesting example of a past-life regression by Dr. Linda Backman,* one of my key sources in Frontiers of Knowledge on past- and between-lives regression. The whole regression part of the shown can be found here as a five part video (with 15-30 sec commercial breaks).

In the video, you will see highlights of the regression by Dr. Backman of a woman (who is present in the show’s audience), the woman’s experience of the regression and her learning, and functional MRI brain scans of the subject’s brain activity in a normal awakening state and after her past-life experience by neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Amen (the author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life). Dr. Amen work is on the generational transfer of behavior learned experiences and states, which Oz calls groundbreaking. In describing the MRI difference for the two scans, Dr. Amen notes that the after-the-past-life-regression scan is “lit up” in regions of the brain that have been identified with spiritual and emotional experiences. Dr. Amen state that “clearly something is going on.” I highly recommend the video.

Many other videos on past-life experiences can be found on the internet. One of most interesting is the experience of Dr. Brian Weiss’s 26-year old daughter Amy on how her vision threatening cataracts were healed in a group past-life session that her dad was giving at the hospital she worked. [It is the third video in the AfterLiveTV set found here] It is worth noting that Amy had never had any successful or meaningful past-life regression experiences before this one.

* Dr. Backman is one of mymain sources for spiritual regression (past and between-lives) in Frontiers of Knowledge.

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