Limits of Western Science–Especially Physics

A recent book, The Island of Knowledge: The Limits of Science and the Search for Meaning (Basic Books, tries  to map out what science can tell us about our universe and life. The author, Marcelo Gleiser, is a physicist, and he covers the physics related knowledge (and limits) of quantum mechanics and cosmology well, but there is much more in the universe than physics (e.g., consciousness) that the author is not able to write about in any depth. One Amazon reviewer notes this and writes, “The rest of the book [outside of physics] is a meandering, if not pedantic, history of the human pursuit of knowledge.” Another reviewer notes: “The third part ‘Mind and Meaning’ is just a collection of thoughts written by a physicist who steps beyond his field of expertise.”

The real challenges in knowledge, as I note and write about in Frontiers of Knowledge, is about consciousness puzzles–especially those that are soul-related experiences: near-death experiences, puzzling reincarnation experiences (e.g., those of young children), hypnosis experiences of the soul in between-life regressions, and very unusual mind-body phenomena that can only be explained by multiply subtle-energy bodies. These are topics I cover in Frontiers of Knowledge and develop explanations for them by using my expanded concepts of reality.

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