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New Excerpt from Frontiers of Knowledge on Paradigm Change

See latest excerpt under “My Books / Book Excerpts” on paradigm changes and extraordinary research results from near-death experience (NDE) investigations. I introduce the idea that NDE research findings are forcing a “paradigm” change in our thinking and concepts on the nature of mind. A supporting frame of reference for these findings is provided by Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg’s statement, “If it could be shown that there is any truth to any of these notions [referring to subjects such as telekinesis, astrology, precognition, channeling, and clairvoyance], it would be the discovery of the century, much more exciting and important than anything going on today in the normal work of physics. When Weinberg wrote that  in 1992, I believe he would have placed NDE investigations showing consciousness can exist when the brain is physically “dead” in the same category.

Back Cover Highlights for Frontiers of Knowledge (Draft)

Frontiers of Knowledge is the story of unfolding developments that are changing our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. We are birthing a new era of human knowledge in which our ideas about the nature and source of reality are rapidly changing. Insights from quantum physics suggest that the basis of our physical world is mental—conscious thoughts. Other discoveries are causing us to redefine our concepts of mind and this elusive thing we call consciousness. All strongly hint that spirituality is the underlying source of everything.

Scientists and scientifically trained researchers are providing us with a rich and expanding base of knowledge through systematic investigations of unusual phenomena in quantum physics, cosmology, biology, psychology, disease and healing, death, near-death experiences, reincarnation experiences, and experiences from spiritual regression on the nature of the spiritual realm. New concepts of reality are especially needed to explain the incredibly fine-tuned characteristics and the mysterious nature of our physical universe. Ninety-five percent of the universe’s energy and mass is a mystery to scientists, and for the moment, we just call them dark matter and dark energy.

The last time a comparable knowledge revolution occurred was in the late sixteenth century when astronomers determined that the planets revolved around the sun and not earth. Historians call it the Copernican Revolution because it led to modern Western science. From one perspective, the new era predicted in this book—a revolution in its own right—can be considered the completion of the quantum revolution by defining and explaining the role of consciousness in our universe.

An underlying aspect of this coming revolution is the sense that humanity is moving into a new era in which knowledge of the human spirit (the soul part) and non-physical realities is rapidly expanding. This emerging knowledge has not yet been organized into a coherent structure. The primary purpose of this book is to help achieve that goal.

Started Posting Excerpts from Book 1: Frontiers of Knowledge

Under the website page My Books / Book Excerpts, I have started posting excerpts from Frontiers of Knowledge. The first two posts are there:

  1. (12.21.12: Excerpt 1) From Introduction to Frontiers of Knowledge. It discusses the interpretation problem in quantum mechanics (Q.M.): trying to connect the strange world of Q.M. with our large-scale one. It also makes the point that most of science and educated non-scientists are stuck in 19th-century science because they don’t recognize one of Q.M.’s biggest discoveries–the central role of consciousness in the nature of our universe.
  2. (12.26.12: Excerpt 2) From Chapter 1 of Frontiers of Knowledge–The Exploration of Reality. This post introduces the idea that that that spirituality is the underlying source of everything and how frontier scientists  and scientifically trained researchers across a broad range of disciplines are now leading the efforts that are bringing this to us.

Starting the publishing Process for Book 1: Frontiers of Knowledge. Today I “ship” most of my manuscript to my publisher: the self-publishing company, AuthorHouse. I will keep you posted on how it is going. The initial shipping includes all the chapters, appendices, and figures. Remaining are some of the front and back matters: foreword, glossary, etc.

Importance of NDE Findings for Understanding Our Soul Nature

Importance of NDE Findings for Understanding Our Soul Nature

Obtaining scientific information on human consciousness as a non-physical reality is one of the most significant developments in our age. Physic’s Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg wrote, “If it could be shown that there is any truth to any of these notions, it would be the discovery of the century, much more exciting and important than anything going on today in the normal work of physics.”  In his comment, Weinberg is referring to consciousness related phenomena—precognition, spiritual channeling, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc.; but I think he would also include near-death experiences (NDE). We are very close to proving the “truth” in the spiritual experiences of NDE. One of the Chapters in my Book1 – The Grand Theory of Everything provides an overview of NDE. There I summarize the evidence supporting the reality of NDEs. It is very strong and more convincing, especially the verified accounts of NDE individuals viewing themselves from outside their body as medical personal are operating on them and/or working to resuscitate them after they have “temporarily” died. These accounts are very strong evidence that are minds are more than our physical brains.

In many NDEs, the human consciousness “journeys” to the spiritual realm and describes its experiences and observations of that realm. These accounts vary greatly: some have very deep and rich experiences and bring back fairly detailed information; and others only get glimpses of the spiritual realm. In some of the NDEs involving spiritual realm experiences, the human’s consciousness is given the choice of staying in the spiritual realm or returning to their life. This generally supports the concept that there is an entity–call it the soul—that continues after death. The validity of the soul concept is a critical ingredient of the theory of reincarnation that is examined in a Chapter in my Book1The Grand Theory of Everything. There, I present evidence from reincarnation investigations that also supports the continuation of consciousness after the physical body’s death.


Subtle Energy Fields and the Arrow of Time

Subtle Energy Fields and the Arrow of Time


This morning I woke up early thinking about subtle energy fields and time again. I started thinking about this a couple of days ago after I had read a 1982 conversation between revolutionary biologist Rupert Sheldrake and David Bohm, a quantum physic theoretician, discussing  their respective concepts of subtle energy fields that include aspects of “evolutionary” development over time. [The conversation is included as an appendix in Sheldrake’s book, Morphic Resonance.]

Sheldrake is a big proponent of the concept of morphogenetic fields to explain many aspects of biological evolution that cannot be explained by the limited amount of genetic information found in DNA. [This is one of the major topics covered in Chapter 2 of my Book 1-A Grand Theory of Everything.] Bohm, who died in 1982, was one of the first quantum physicists to propose concepts, what he calls the formative field and the implicate order, that have been incorporated in the concept of a new energy and information field, often known today as the zero point field (or the Akashic Field by the famous system theoretician Irvin Laszlo). This universal field has a central role in helping explain many of the astounding scientific anomalies that I cover in the first two chapters of Book 1. Inherent in this field is the concept of evolution—the cumulative growth of information and its expression with time.

I realized the last several days that I have not presented a clear and strong description of how time enters into these fields, especially for the Akashic Field, and how it is central to the quality of information these fields provide to all expressions in our universe. A central part of what we think of as knowledge is about the growth of our awareness of certain aspects of this information changing with time. In Sheldrake’s concept of morphogenetic fields, species don’t stay the same over time—they learn “what works better” and incorporate this into their genetic heritage, which Sheldrake believes is also contained in its morphogenetic field. Scientists have recently learned that biological evolution is not a pure random process. There seems to be a mechanism, called epigenetics, that allows a species to “sense” environmental changes and respond to these changes in a way that enhances the species. To me and others, it seems logical that some sort of subtle energy field must be involved in the “information” transfer to the species’ genetic base.

Bohm, in his conversation with Sheldrake, makes the point that quantum mechanics (Q.M.) has a fundamental limitation.  Q.M. equations can only describe what is present in a moment. It cannot connect moments together and say anything about the influence of the past on the present. Because of this Q.M. cannot give us insights into the evolution of reality with time that we experience and are familiar with in biology, planetary structure, etc. In our physical universe, planets, species, human societies and individuals evolve and change over time.

Sheldrake’s morphic fields are specifically structured around this concept of evolution. In Book 1, Chapter 7 (The Human Body Energy System in a Sea of Energy Fields), I present the following hierarchy of fields:

  • A universal energy field that is probably what others and I are labeling the Akashic, or zero point, field of energy and information
  • The Earth’s planetary field
  • Planetary species fields (Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields)

To these we can also include Sheldrake’s concept of a social field for each life form that is very similar to Jung’s collective unconscious for humans.

In all of these fields there is an evolutionary aspect of change over time. Bohm introduces the idea that there is a continuous refreshing [my word] of our physical universe—he uses the terms, re-projection and re-injection to describe this. In this “refreshing”, there is a carryover from the past that allows for the accumulation of learning and development. This concept of the universe refreshing itself continuously has been described in ancient wisdom traditions and by some modern theoreticians; for example, by Duane Elgin in his book, The Living Universe: Where Are We? Who Are We? Where Are We Going? [Details given in a 5-page endnote that his editor must have thought was way too detailed for the main book.]

In Chapter 7 of Book 1, I introduce the concept of multiple human energy bodies that subtle energy healers can perceive and work with to heal physical and mental illnesses. I believe that one of these fields, the fourth one called the etheric template body, is Sheldrake’s morphogenetic field for the human species. This field is described by Barbara Brennan, one of the most prominent developers of our knowledge on the human energy body system, as forming a template or blueprint for the etheric physical body field (the first subtle energy field around each human) by creating a “negative” space for this lower-level field to exist and grow. All of the structures of the lower bodies (chakras, body organs, and body forms) are present as negative templates in the (spiritual-plane) etheric template body. This body-field template is supposedly drawn from the universal energy field that contains all of the shapes and forms that exist on the physical plane. It also must have a means of including all of the information that the human species has “found” to enhance its evolution. This information is then “passed on” to each individual human through the human etheric template body.

I am starting to see how the “arrow of time” is present in the subtle energy fields of Sheldrake and Bohm. In their concepts, the information contained in these subtle energy fields provides the “template” (or form) for the expressions in our universe. This is why Bohm used the term “formative field” to describe the overall, universal field—it “informs” the coarser physical plane expressions (mineral, biological, etc.) of the “form” they should take on. And because these expressions are allowed to “learn” and evolve over time, we have in our universe an “arrow of time” in one direction.

This small write-up has been helpful for me in developing a deeper understanding of the Akashic Field concept where there is a dimension of evolution (time) present. If this concept is accurate, it also applies to our ability to experience and understand spiritual expressions. In fact, I believe there is something like Shledrake’s morphogenetic field working for spiritual expressions and understanding. As more people have spiritual experiences and we develop better understandings of them, they then become more accessible to the general human population. This is the basic thesis behind my Book 2, Glimpses of God and the Multidimensional Universe: Spiritual Sources for a New Era of Revelation.

Note: A form of this material will be using in the Book 1 summary.