Chapter Overviews – Book 3

Book 3 – Glimpses of God and the Multidimensional Universe: Spiritual Sources for a New Era of Revelation.

I am considering the following title change for book 3: “What Can We Believe: Finding Agreement Among Our Many New Sources of Spiritual Information.”

Book 3 is an in-depth exploration of the current state of spiritual information available to us; and it is where I introduce my additional spiritual sources—those primarily from spiritual entities channeled through humans—and present overviews of the spiritual information they provide.

Chapter 1 is an overview of the spiritual information presented in Book 1 from scientific and systematic investigations of NDE, reincarnation and spiritual hypnosis explorations of the spiritual realm.

Chapter 2 introduces spiritual channeling, including the historical connection to our current world religions. I also include excerpts from seven interview sessions I conducted with a spiritual channeling source when I was educating myself on spiritual phenomena and concepts.  [Completed]

Chapter 3 provides overviews and summaries of the spiritual information provided from several of what I consider high quality channeling sources: Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks, The Guides channeled by Ron Scolastico and introduced in Book 1, Seth channeled by Jane Roberts (another source introduced and used in Book 1), Neale Donald Walsch channeling his higher self, and Edgar Cayce. I also include samples from my own experience in conversations with my higher self. [Completed]

Chapter 4 provides highlights from what I call “other interesting sources:“ Charles Graybar who, using a self-hypnosis technique, explored the spiritual realm for ten years with his three guides; Glenda Green who explored advanced spiritual and scientific ideas with a spiritual master (soul of Jesus); and Robert Schwartz who investigated pre-birth planning by reincarnating souls. In this chapter I illustrate how Graybar’s spiritual-realm experiences include the same basic elements present in NDE accounts with rich spiritual realm experiences and the general LBL experience.  [Completed]

Chapter 5 presents information from Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll) on human evolution, multidimensional DNA, and the 2012 shift. Much of this information is more speculative than presented in the other chapters of Book 2, but I have included it because it contains an integrated story leading up to the 2012 shift, about which there is much interest and speculation in our world. [Completed]

Chapter 6 uses multiple sources to explore in more depth probabilities, parallel universes, and multidimensional reality. This is the basis for the spiritual information provided in Chapter 9 of Book 1 for comparison with some of the leading scientific theories or interpretations on the basic nature of the universe to include parallel and multidimensional universes. [Completed]

Chapter 7 summarizes amazing descriptions of spiritual realm technologies provided by my spiritual sources. The sources present a picture of a rich, mental-spiritual based technology to support soul development, and planning for a soul’s next human incarnation. [Completed]

Chapter 8 is where I present my method for using multiple sources to create confidence in spiritual information by working with the premise: if spiritual information and concepts are valid, multiple sources, or methods, should provide the same information. My goal is to find out what spiritual information we can have confidence in and the level of confidence. I use this approach to evaluate spiritual hypotheses in four different areas: (1) God, souls, creation and evolution, (2) souls experiencing human lives (reincarnation), (3) the nature of the spiritual realm, and (4) the multidimensional nature of the universe. In this approach I compare what ten (or more) different “quality” spiritual sources say or write about each hypothesis: do they agree or not, and how strong is the agreement? High confidence, for example, would be represented by all ten spiritual sources strongly agreeing on the hypothesis. This is an approach I “prototyped” three years ago using seven sources on a preliminary set of spiritual hypotheses. For several of the channeling sources, I plan to interview them through their human channels and ask them to provide their answer or perspective on each hypothesis. [Preliminary Draft]

In Chapter 9 I extend comparisons of current scientific knowledge and uncertainty with key information and concepts from spiritual sources for six of the scientific anomalies presented in Chapters 1 and 2 of Frontiers of Knowledge. For this exploration I also bring in spiritual information from Frontiers of Knowledge sources, primarily from the Life-between-Lives information of Newton. [50% Completed]

Chapter 10, a summary chapter, provides a broad perspective of the evidence and glimpses of the non-physical reality that is the book’s central focus. I am planning four sections:

  1. Estimates on how much spiritual information we can have confidence in and how much is speculative
  2. Arguments for why we are in a new era of spiritual revelation
  3. The summary case on why science and spirituality are converging
  4. Updated answers to our most fundamental questions presented in Frontiers of Knowledge

The summary ends with my poem titled “The Multidimensional Spiritual Universe and the Land of Yin and Yang” that came to me in a dream. As with all poetry it captures much of the essence of the Book 3 material with very few words.

I plan on ending Book 3 with an epilogue, titled: “The Four Modes of Being to Fully Experience Life” that is based on Lawrence LeShan’s remarkable book, Alternative Realities: The Search for the Full Human Being.[1] I first read LeShan’s book in the 1980s and it made a very strong impression on me. I sensed a resonance with its hypothesis that to be fully human each of us must be able to access the following four modes of being:

  • Sensory modes of being—mode of being where our awareness is defined by our physical senses.
  • Clairvoyant modes of being—mode of oneness with the universe that humans enter in mystical experiences.
  • Transpsychic modes of being—mode of intercessory prayer where humans attempt to change life conditions through cohered intentions.
  • Mythic modes of being—modes used in play, art and dreams; it is particularly useful in creativity and can lead to new combinations and to new possibilities.

In the epilogue I share my own experience with these four modes to help make LeShan’s case that these are necessary to be a “full human being.” One of these experiences was fire walking where I and twenty other participants were conditioned to be in a state of oneness with the fire.

[1] Lawrence LeShan, Alternative Realities: The Search for the Full Human Being, (M. Evans and Company, 1976).


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