Reincarnation Investigation

I cover three forms of reincarnation investigations in Book 1: (1) the Children-Who-Remember phenomenon, (2) Dr. Helen Wambach’s past-life group regression studies of historical trends, and (3) Dr. Walter Semkiw’s investigations of independent reincarnation recall cases and his own experience in finding similarities in appearance, personality, and family members with those in a previous past life.

In the Children-Who-Remember cases, young children (2 to 7 years) “remember” their last human life. To these children, their last life is more real than their current one. They will often tell their current parents that they are not their parents and that their parents live somewhere else. Often they provide fairly detailed accounts that have been verified by scientific investigators.  The major research group investigation this phenomenon is the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies. This effort was started by the late Dr. Ian Stevenson. Their website is:

Wambach’s information provides historical trends of past-life recalls on gender, race, social status, clothing, footwear, eating ware, and diet that can be compared to known historical accounts or understandings. Wambach’s results provide strong evidence that her subjects remember past lives associated with their souls and not just ones they had affinities for (for example, famous historical persons). This information is presented in her 1978 book, Reliving Past Lives.

Dr. Walter Semkiw’s research is summarized at the website and in his 2003 book, Return of the Revolutionaries. There he outlines the many similarities of living individuals with those of the American revolutionary period. Semkiw found a strong case for one of his previous lives being that of John Adams. This along with information from independent research cases has led Semkiw to hypothesize that a soul tends to have the same appearance, personality traits and companions from one lifetime to the next (see Semkiw’s attached photos, including Semkiw as the reincarnation of John Adams and my matching of JK Rowling with Charles Dickens).

Facial Matches for F-W

The upper left match is that of Indianapolis homicide police Captain Robert Snow with the artist Carroll Beckwith. Snow received the information that he was the reincarnation of Beckwith in a past-life regression session along with 28 pieces of information about Beckwith. Snow was latter able to verify 26 of these facts. See Keene’s description of his experiences at

The lower left match is that of fire department Assistant Chief Jeffrey Keene with the Civil War Confederate Col. John Gordon. Keene’s awareness of his connection with Gordon first came in a spontaneous experience of himself as Gordon when visiting a Civil War battlefield in which Gordon was wounded by several bullets. Later Keene received more information on Gorden from a clairvoyant. Keene then followed-up with his own research into Gordon. See Keene’s description of his experiences at

Key References Used for Reincarnation Investigations

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