Scientific Approaches to Validate Similar Reincarnation Appearances

One of the most unusual finding (or hypothesis) in the scientific and systematic reincarnation research is that  individual humans have the same appearance as they had in a past life. Walter Semkiw on his website and in his book Return of the Revolutionaries has paired up individuals with historical figures based on similarities in appearance, personality traits, and close family members and friends.

Paul Von Ward in The Soul Genome tries to take Semkiw’s work to a more scientific level. He posits that the soul’s “characteristics” are captured in a concept he calls the soul’s psychoplasm, the nonphysical equivalent of an individual’s physical genome. When a soul incarnates, Von Ward posits that the soul’s psychoplasm influences how the fetus’ genome is “activated.” [Note: in Frontiers of Knowledge, I describe how the physical body is influenced by its many subtle-energy bodies. Several of these subtle bodies are be believed to contain energy and information from past-lives that can be influencing the reincarnated human’s appearance and personality.]

To support his hypothesis, Von Ward has identified five characteristics from biometric science that are considered the most genetically stable features: body type, facial geometry, ear form, hand and finger shapes, voice, and odor. Von Ward considers the first four features the best ones to use in trying to pair up a historical personality with a person living today. Indirect evidence for assessment of voice similarities exists in some cases. While some small changes could possibly occur in one feature during reincarnation, he hypothesizes that the overall genotype influence should be clearly evident.*

Von Ward cites several cases of twins from Ian Stevenson and Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia that he suggests illustrates how a soul’s information in its psychoplasm could influence its human appearance and personality traits even though each twin receives the same genetics.**

*Von Ward, Paul,  The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation, 90 (Kindle Locations 1735-1738).

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