Holistic Health and Medicine

In my books and this website, I have been writing about reality being much more than the physical. Behind the physical are many spiritual dimensions. Because of this, we should expect that health and medical treatment to be to be much more than a physical process. This is confirmed by Dr. Norm Shealy, one of the foremost practitioners of holistic health and medicine, when he wrote in his editorial column for the first issue of the new Journal of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine:

Conventional Medicine, dominated for the last century by the American Medical Association, has focused on drugs and surgery, which are often helpful in acute problems, but which more often create new problems in chronic conditions. Hans Ingelfinder, editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, said it better than anyone else when he stated in 1977 that a majority of illnesses are either self-cured or not helped by modern medicine. Indeed he suggest that 10% are made worse, and 11% are miraculously cured. “Thus we wind up barely on the positive side of zero.” ‘ [Emphasis added.]

The role of medicine should be assist in healing, with minimal risk. In my opinion, current medical practices of coronary bypass surgery, anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-depressant drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, statin drugs and chemotherapy all do far more harm than good. As early as 1972, I also showed that a minimum of 80% of those failing back surgery had never had ruptured discs, for which they were supposedly operated.

Shealy goes on to write about the nature of holistic health; one that includes a significant role for mental-emotional-spiritual attunement:

Holistic health does not require any specific technique or procedure but emphasizes the need for balance of the big three: nutrition, physical exercise, and mental attitude, which includes attunement with spiritual ideals.

Holistic medicine builds upon holistic health but recognizes that some persons who have neglected good habits need help in being restored to a state of minimum health from which they can further build high level wellness. When the diagnosis reveals a serious illness, drugs or surgery may be indicated, but when the dis-ease is mainly one of stress, then a wide variety of alternatives is available. Treatment may include the entire array of chemical, physical, and mechanical devices, but it will emphasize mental-emotional-spiritual attunement.


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