Speculation by Physicists on Nature of Space-Time

I found the Scientific American online article in their Oct. 27 Space and Physics titled “Tangled Up in Spacetime” very interesting. [To access article, click here.] The premise being pursued by quantum physicists is that “space and time may spring up from the quantum entanglement of tiny bits of information.” The effort is still very speculative, but it might lead us to insights on how advanced souls in higher dimensions created our physical universe. Below is a quote from the first paragraph:

“space and time may spring up from the quantum entanglement of tiny bits of information:

“Lately scientists have begun to question this conventional thinking and speculate that space—and its extension according to general relativity, spacetime—is actually composed of tiny chunks of information. These chunks might interact to create spacetime and give rise to its properties, such as the concept that curvature in spacetime causes gravity. If so, the idea might not just explain spacetime but might help physicists achieve a long-sought goal: a quantum theory of gravity that can merge general relativity and quantum mechanics, the two grand theories of the universe that tend not to get along. Lately the excitement of this possibility has engrossed hundreds of physicists who have been meeting every three months or so under the banner of a project dubbed ‘It from Qubit.’”

The key idea being pursued is that “the universe is built up from some underlying code [highlighted by me], and that by cracking this code, physicists will finally have a way to understand the quantum nature of large-scale events in the cosmos.”

For me, the word “code” brings to mind the idea that there are “coders” who are “writing [creating] the code. This is a new line of research, and we will have to wait and see if it leads to anything.


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