Two Recent Books by Ervin Laszlo

Recently I have been reading several of Ervin Laszlo’s newer books. His older book, Science and the Akashic Field (2004), was one of my key sources on frontier science for my book Frontiers of Knowledge; and it is interesting to see the evolution of his concepts on frontier science and its integration with spirituality in two of his newer books:

  1. The Self-Actualizing Cosmos: the Akasha Revolution in Science and Human Consciousness (2014)
  2. What Is Reality? The New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness (October 2016)

In both books, endorsements, extended comments, and written contributions are provided by some of the top researchers and writers on the integration of consciousness, spirituality and frontier science. For The Self-Actualizing Cosmos, supporting comments are provided by  Edgar Mitchell (founder of IONS), Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilber, David Loye, Kingsley Dennis, David Lorimer, and Stanley Kippner. Part Four of this book incluses major contributions (mostly as Q&As) from David W. Gibbons, Maria Sagi, and Gyorgyi Szabo. This book also has the following long appendices:

  1. Nonlocality and Interconnection: A Review of the Evidence (29 pages)
  2. The Akasha Paradigm in Physics: Two Hypotheses (26 pages). “The Transmuting Ether” by Paul  LaViolette, and The Universal Quantum Field” by Peter Jakubowski

It is almost as if Laszlo is publishing a “Journal” with writings by other scientists of the latest thinking and alternatives related to his Akasha concept.

In Chapter 14 of The Self-Actualizing Cosmos, Laszlo provides his overview on the nature of the Akasha and goes on to use his information and concepts to provide answers to 14 basic questions related to existence–two samples are given below:

  • What is the nature of dark energy? Laszlo’s answer: “Not yet known, but offering orientation for the search, as the answer is likely to be the constitution of the hidden dimension [of the Akasha], the physically real basis of spacetime and background of matter and energy in the universe.
  • How did life arise? Laszlo’s answer: “The processes we see as basic to life originated as coherent relations emerged in time in the rich welter of organic molecules on the watery surface of some satellites in orbit around active stars.” [My comment: this totally ignores what I see as the central role of nonphysical beings (souls) working through subtle-energy fields to create (design) life forms.]

I have not finished reading What Is Reality? The New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness, but when I do, I will provide highlights in a blog entry.


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