Description of Subtle Realm/Universe

Dr. Yury Kronn and several coauthors of the paper “Subtle Energy and the Cosmos – Part 1” present a descriptive account of the subtle -energy dimension/realm that is behind our physical universe. [For a copy of his paper, go to the downloadable PDF file at the end of this post. ]

Dr. Kronn was originally trained in Russia where he was introduced to key concepts about nonphysical realms that are hypothesized to be the source of our physical realm. Kronn and his coauthors present insights on the nature of this realm and how the matter and energy of this realm are the sources of our physical realm’s matter and energy. In the 20th century, several individuals with psychic sensitivity provided insights on the nature of this realm, but at that time physicists were fully consumed with the challenges of quantum mechanic discoveries, and they had no reason to investigate these insight. They thought that quantum physics provided the description of reality, and there was no reason to pursue  speculation of a subtle realm.

Today with the astronomical uncovering of unexplained matter and energy making up more than 95% of our universe’s matter and energy (labeled dark matter and dark energy) plus the stagnation in new quantum physic discoveries and the failures in string theory, physicist have reached a point where they are being forced to “look outside the box” to understand and explain the nature and source of dark matter and dark energy.

Kronn’s paper presents some very interesting ideas about the nature of the subtle realm/universe; following are a few key ones (more information is available in the cited paper):

  1. Each universe has its own energy, which interacts with the substance of that universe  Examples for our physical universe are how atomic matter interacts with  electromagnetic energy.
  2. A “veil” separates universes and this veil greatly limits the possible interactions. Basically, the substance (matter) of one universe interacts with that universe’s energy. A universe’s matter cannot interact directly with the energy of another universe: e.g., the subtle universe’s dark matter cannot directly interact with our physical universe’s electromagnetic energy. The only dark matter interaction astronomers see is dark matter’s gravity affecting the motion of stars and bending light (protons which have no mass) as described in Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
  3. Also, the energy of one universe cannot interact directly with the matter of any other universe.
  4. Each universe has a point of connection with both the previous and the next successive universes . Each universe has transitional types of substance (matter) as well as transitional forms of energy, which can be converted from one universe to another. Logically, it means there is a point of connection, like an interface, that allows for the substance and energy of a more-subtle universe to create the matter and energy in the next grosser or less-subtle universe.
  5. From one perspective, the universe preceding our physical universe–the etheric universe–can be considered a part of our physical universe because its matter is the source of our universe’s matter: electrons, protons, neutrons and consequently atoms. All originate from the substance of the etheric universe’s basic particle named “anu” by earlier scientific and psychic explorers: physical matter is created from  combinations of positive and negative anu.

See Dr. Kronn’s paper below for more information, and how he has been able to “capture” the content of healing energy in particular substances and devices.


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