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Certified to Perform Between-Lives and Past-Lives Regressions w

I conduct most regression sessions in my home office in Martinsburg WV.

  • Past-life sessions usually last around 1.5 hours
  • Between-lives sessions are scheduled for 3 hours

To arrange a session, contact me at dougkinney@msn.com

1. Downloadable Paper on “My Spiritual Journey and Experiences”

The following paper provides an overview of my spiritual adventures and learning experiences.

My Spiritual Story & 21st-Century Knowledge_2016.03

Below are the first two paragraphs of the 4-page paper.

In my book Frontiers of Knowledge, I write as a system scientist exploring and synthesizing what we are discovering at the frontiers of scientific and consciousness investigations and spiritual explorations. For this paper, though, I emphasize what I have experienced and learned in my own spiritual journey and explorations. These include my
spiritual awakening and becoming a New Thought minister, a spiritual journalist, and a between-lives spiritual hypnotist. All of which supported me in researching and writing a book that integrates science and spirituality.
Souls Experiencing Life as Humans
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin provided us with his famous quote about humans and souls: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings [souls] having a human experience.” The information in Frontiers of Knowledge and my own experiences and discoveries support this claim.

2. Unique Combination of Talents and Experiences

Each of us has a purpose and mission for our life—mine is to help develop spirituality into a knowledge discipline. My life has prepared me for this task through:
  • 40+ years of system engineering leadership and analysis experience that developed my ability to absorb information from a large number of diverse subjects and integrate contributions from each into a coherent system concept. This was a key skill that I used in writing Frontiers of Knowledge.
  • 30 years as a New Thought (Religious Science) minister.
    This has helped me develop an open-ended perspective and appreciation of spiritual knowledge and experiences.Rev. Doug K2003
  • 20+ years of experience with my human “spiritual companions” exploring all manner of spiritual experiences and knowledge, including spiritual healing, spiritual hypnosis, spiritual channeling, and spiritual creation practices. One of my highlights was when I had seven conversations with a soul teaching group, The Lightspeakers, channeled by my friend, Christie Pennington.
  • Natural talent as a spiritual hypnotist that eventually lead to being trained and practice past-life and between-lives regression and using it as a research tool to investigate the spiritual realm. (I am certified by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy–NATH.)
  • Being initiated by Neale Donald Walsh inJournaling with the Higher Self” that has opened me to a more consciousness awareness of spiritual intuition and guidance. Often I had journal conversations with what I sensed was my higher self and a supporting soul team

After I had drafted my introduction to Frontiers of Knowledge that included the five existential questions (included on the home page) and my statement that I was going to provide answer to them, I was struck by my audacity. I then wrote,

“What are my qualifications to provide answers to the above [five questions]? If my story about science and spirituality and a new era of knowledge is correct, I agreed to write the two books before I incarnated in this life as a soul. My evidence? It is in my books, which are also the story of my spiritual explorations and discoveries. I invite the reader to join me in a journey of discovery, one that I went through uncovering, developing, organizing and writing the information in the books.”

Each of us has our own journey through life where we must meet challenges that demand we find our path to move beyond our human limitations and discover our divinity—our soul nature. This is the true “grail quest”.

Eventually psychology, which should be the science of the mind, will discover that this is part of the basic human experience. Edward Kelly and the other authors of the landmark book, Irreducible Minds: Towards a Psychology for the 21st Century, describe the process of inspiration and genius as an “uprush” from the subconscious—where we are connect with our spiritual essence. This is what we all want to experience as we “navigate” through this journey of life and its challenges.

Academic Credentials

B.S. in aerospace engineer from Purdue Univ. M.S. in management science from the Univ. of Maryland University College, and a year of graduate studies in operations research at the Ohio State University.

Spiritual/Religious Credentials

Ordained New Thought ministers (through Alliance for Spiritual Understanding)

Life member of the International New Thought Alliance (INTA)

Organizational Affiliations

I hold memberships in several organizations exploring the interface between science, consciousness, spirituality, and the evolution of humanity:

  • Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE)
  • Institute for Noetic Science (IONS)
  • Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE)
  • International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM)
  • World Future Society (WFS)
  • National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy (NATH)
  • Also active during 2013-2015 in a local MD chapter of the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS)

New Thought Organizational Affiliations

I am a member of several New Thought organizations: (1) a founding member and past president of The Alliance for Spiritual Understanding (AS-U), formerly known as the Global Religious Science Ministry (GRSM) and (2) the International New Thought Alliance (INTA). I  served on the INTA Executive Board for approximately 10 years.


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