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Overviews for Published Books

Book 1, Frontiers of Knowledge, points to a “A New Era of Knowledge”—one that accounts for the paranormal consciousness and spiritual experiences that millions of humans are having and provides potential answers to the many scientific anomalies that are accumulating.

Overviews of anomalies in each of the six scientific fields are provided under the tab, Science: a New Era. After the science chapters, Book 1 presents highlights of scientific and systematic investigations of near-death experiences (NDE) and reincarnation (two of the major consciousness anomalies). Frontiers then introduces information from spiritual hypnosis, especially the “breakthrough” technique of Dr. Michael Newton for exploring the spiritual realm, and shows that it is providing the same information as NDEs with “rich” spiritual realm content. Several other subjects are explored from both the scientific and spiritual perspectives. The end product of Frontiers is an outline of how a new “knowledge discipline” of spirituality could be developed with a community of individuals conducting critical and systematic investigations.


Book 2, Framework of Reality.  Framework of Reality can be viewed as the “Cliffs Notes” for the larger, more detailed Frontiers of Knowledge. Framework of Reality presents the key concepts and the evidence and information supporting these concepts in basically the same manner as is done in Frontiers of Knowledge. The difference is that it greatly condenses the original in-depth treatment of each topic: for example, each of the larger book’s first twelve chapters is reduced to a short section. But it still weaves the frontier scientific and consciousness research with systematic investigations of unusual spiritual experiences into an integrated story about spirituality being the under-lying source of reality. It is the story of a new scientific and knowledge revolution

Overviews for Future Books

Book 3, Glimpses of God and the Multidimensional Universe, points to “A New Era of Spiritual Revelations”—one where all of the different categories of spiritual experiences are integrated into a coherent structure that provides the basis for developing spirituality into a “knowledge discipline.” Book 3 is where I introduce my additional spiritual sources beyond those presented in Frontiers of Knowledge—primarily spiritual entities channeled through humans. There are several additional spiritual sources used in book 3. An overview of my spiritual sources and their information is provided under the tab, Spiritual Sources. A key product in this books will be the evaluation of approximately 40 spiritual hypotheses using information from 10 of my quality spiritual sources. This evaluation provides level of confidence for different spiritual concepts—a key step towards developing spirituality into a knowledge discipline. Reading Frontiers along with Book 3 will provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of spiritual phenomena, introductions to quality spiritual sources, and insights into how spiritual information can contribute to understanding scientific anomalies. Each chapter provides a comprehensive and integrated treatment of a subject (for example, NDE), and the books could be used for a two-semester introduction to spirituality. Status of  book 3:  Book 3 is 60% drafted, and I hope to start working on finishing it in the spring of 2015.

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