Mind-Body Phenomena & Subtle-Energy Bodies

Overviews of unusual phenomena and how they can be explained using characteristics of the human subtle-energy-body system

1. Phenomenal example of the placebo effect in healing. There have also be examples of this effect, but over the last decade the examples are being examined as something that can give us deeper insights into it existence and significance.

2. Write-up :of Presentation Content Provided in SSE’s Explorer Magazine (posted March 1, 2016) and at SSE’s 2016 Annual Conference that gives us deep insights into the nature of our subtle-energy body system.

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1. New (and recycled) information on the power of the placebo effect in human physical healing.

  • Joe Dispenza in his book You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter gives a good overview of the documented history on the healing power of the placebo phenomena in chapter 2 (A Brief History of the Placebo).
  • A recent Time Magazine article (Sept. 8, 2018) describes the success of the placebo effect for several physical aliments that physicians cannot treat very well with Western medical processes and medicines.

Dispenza’s overview covers the early history (mid-1800s of hypnosis in healing (mesmerism), the “nocebo” effect in protecting individuals in spiritual sittings (e.g., holding poison’s snakes) that sometimes bit the participants but did not kill them, and how the placebos in double-blind tests were as successful as the proposed medicine or surgery approaches for all sorts of physical illness. Some examples are:

  1. How the placebo for mental illness outperformed antidepressants.
  2. A “placebo” surgery that produces as good of results as the “real” surgery.
  3. How an exploration for poison ivy had very many strange and usual results: all the subjects who whose arms were rubbed by the fake poison ivy leaves that were said to poison ivy experienced a poison ivy like rash.
  4. A 1960’s exploration of asthma found the following results when they subject inhaled a water vapor that contained a fake asthma allergen: 48% experience asthmatic symptoms (restricting their airways) and 30% suffered full-blown asthmatic attacks. Researchers then gave the subjects with asthmatic symptoms inhalers that only contained water vapor but were told that they contained medicine, and they got better.

In a section that Dispenza calls “the first great breakthroughs (pages 32-34. One example is how dental patents were able to produce their own healing endorphins (natural pain killers).

2. Abstract for My June 7 Presentation at Society for Scientific Exploration’s Annual Conference (posted June 23, 2014)

Ability of Subtle-Energy Model to Explain Mind-Body Phen. 10.01.14

It is clear that unusual consciousness phenomena such as near-death out-of-body experiences (OBEs), reincarnation remembrances of children, and strange psychophysiological phenomena such as the placebo effect and stigmata cannot be explained with existing scientific theories and concepts. They provide strong evidence for the existence of mechanisms not included within our current mainstream-scientific worldview and theories. I hypothesize that the “mechanism” through which these strange phenomena can occur is the human subtle-energy system with its multiple, interpenetrating subtle dimensional bodies.

First consider the scope of the evidence. Cumulative evidence for the reality of NDEs and children who remember their immediate past lives has been well documented in JSE publications and books. Recently, Edward and Emily Kelly with their coauthors produced a huge book, Irreducible Minds,in which they document the full spectrum of other unusual mind-body phenomena. To their treatment, I would add the amazing descriptions from thousands of between-lives regression cases of souls (nonphysical consciousness) in a spiritual realm that are almost in complete alignment with rich NDE accounts. I consider the cumulative accounts from both these sources provide us with a preliminary outline of this realms sociology.

As the Kellys emphasize in their book, mainstream psychology and medical sciences with their mechanistic view of life deny the reality of these phenomena. They write that an important step in the expansion of science is the development of models explaining how these unusual phenomena can be occurring. In discussion stigmata, Emily Kelly quotes two researchers about the specific processes required to create this phenomena:

  • Are . . . a mystery of the profoundest sort, with all sorts of implications for the so-called mind-body problem
  • [require a] “kind of superintelligence”

In my research for possible explanations, I found that the human subtle-energy system with its multiple, interpenetrating subtle-energy bodies (see Figure 1) provides the elements that can explain all of the unusual phenomena.

In this model, the etheric subtle body operates similar to a “computer program” directing the development, and maintenance of the physical body plus its response to external and internal stimuli. It is affected (programmed) by human emotions and beliefs present in the second and third bodies respectively—providing answers to the “how” of unusual psychophysical (mind-body) phenomenon such as stigmata.

abstract Fig. 1.jpeg

Figure 1. Seven-Layer, Subtle-Energy Body Model

This distributed, nonphysical model of consciousness (mind) is how all the near-death OBEs of our human consciousness can occur in both earth and nonearthly realms. The concept of a nonphysical, holographic distributed mind can also explain the accounts of the donor’s memories and personality traits being transplanted in some organ-replacement surgeries.

Lastly, I want to mention the strange phenomenon that Walter Semkiw has discovered in the similarity of physical appearances and personality traits between present-day individuals and their past-life humans. The human subtle body model with its spiritual-plane bodies provides the input mechanisms to explain this and many other anomalies.


3. On June 20-23, 2016, I did a poster presentation at the Society for Scientific Exploration’s annual conference titled “Explaining Unusual Consciousness Phenomena.” Handouts of my presentation are available below in PDF formats.

2016 SSE.Conf-Pres.Psi as a Soul Phenomena_DKinney

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