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My first two books–Frontiers of Knowledge and Framework of Reality–have been published and are currently in print and EBooks. Print versions of both available on this website (see below). Free shipping to USA addresses. No foreign shipping at this time.

[A 3rd book on spiritual channeling and other unusual spiritual sources is in the draft stage. It is briefly described at the end.]

Frontiers of Knowledge
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Framework of Reality
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Overviews and Highlights from Books
  1. Descriptive Material on Frontiers of Knowledge
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  2. Description of Framework of Reality (see heading #2 below)
  3. Overview of Book 3 [see heading #3 below and also go to the drop-down page for book projects–Book 3: (a) chapter overviews and (b) Table of Contents]

1. Descriptive Material on Frontiers of Knowledge

New Overview for Frontiers of Knowledge

In Frontiers of Knowledge (Framework of Reality is a condensed version of Frontiers), I posit that reality is based on spiritual consciousness expressed through subtle-energy and information fields. Early in Frontiers, I present one of my basic premises: “If consciousness, in some unknown manner, is behind physical reality as quantum physics expresses it, then we would expect to see traces of it in the observed phenomenology of other scientific disciplines.” I then go on to show more than traces in astronomy and cosmology, evolutionary biology, and unusual mind-body expressions.

I emphasize the importance of conducting systematic investigations of unusual phenomena. Two of my chapters include in their titles “Scientific and Systematic Investigations of” for the subjects of near-death experiences (NDEs), and reincarnation. We normally don’t associate science with these, but I show that there is a growing body of knowledge in both being created by scientifically trained investigators.

All of this can be very strange, but it gets even more “out-of-the-ordinary” when I start providing detailed accounts of the highly developed society in “the lower spiritual realm” (heaven). Relying on information from between-lives spiritual regressionists (primarily Michael Newton), I present details of this realm that are consistent with those found in rich NDEs. I see this as a breakthrough development that all spiritual explorers would benefit from studying.

Those with a more scientific perspective will be challenged by the great mysteries of dark matter and energy and the fined-tuned nature of our universe’s physics and the role of consciousness in the foundation of quantum mechanics. John Wheeler, one of America’s top 20th-century physicist came to believe that “the essence of all physical objects is in their information, but this information came into being when the universe observed itself.” Obviously, there were no physical beings at the beginning. I believe that spiritual beings in another dimension or universe had to be behind the process of creation and evolution.

Frontiers build on and extend the concepts of McTaggert’s The Field and Laszlo’s Science and the Akashic Field by explicitly describing how spiritual intelligence is working through subtle-energy fields. There is much for readers to absorb and ponder in my extensive and comprehensive presentation.

Back Cover for Frontiers of Knowledge 

Frontiers of Knowledge is the story of unfolding developments that are revolutionizing our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. We are birthing a new era in which our ideas about the nature and source of reality are rapidly changing. Insights from quantum physics suggest that the basis of our physical world is mental—conscious thought. Other discoveries are also causing us to redefine our concepts of mind and the elusive thing we call consciousness. All strongly hint that spirituality is the underlying source of everything.

Scientists and scientifically trained researchers are providing us with a rich and expanding base of knowledge through systematic investigations of startling and otherwise inexplicable phenomena that have been observed in quantum physics, cosmology, biology, psychology, disease and healing, death, near-death experiences, reincarnation experiences, and experiences arising from spiritual regression concerning the nature of the subtle, spiritual dimensions. New concepts of reality are especially needed to explain the incredibly fine-tuned characteristics and the mysterious nature of our physical universe. Ninety-five percent of the universe’s energy and mass are a mystery to scientists, and for the moment, we resort to naming them “dark energy” and “dark matter.”

The last time a comparable knowledge revolution occurred was in the late sixteenth century when astronomers determined that the planets revolved around the sun, not the earth. Historians call it the Copernican Revolution because it led to modern Western science. From one perspective, the new era predicted in this book—a revolution in its own right—can be considered the completion of the quantum revolution by defining and explaining the role of consciousness in our universe.

An underlying aspect of this coming revolution is the sense that humanity is moving into a new era of rapidly expanding knowledge of the human spirit (our soul aspect) and nonphysical realities. Until now, our emerging understanding has not yet been organized into a coherent structure. Frontiers of Knowledge aims to help achieve that goal.

2. Description of Framework of Reality

Framework of Reality is the story of unfolding events that are changing our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. We seem to be entering a new era of human knowledge, one in which our ideas about the nature and source of reality are being inverted. While we have long embraced the idea that physicality is the basis of reality, deeper insights from quantum physics suggest that the basis of our physical world is mental—conscious thoughts. Other discoveries by leading-edge researchers—whom I call frontier scientists—are causing us to expand and redefine our concepts of the nature of mind and this elusive thing we call “consciousness.” Many of these findings strongly hint that spirituality is the underlying source of everything.

Framework of Reality presents this integrated view and the key evidence and information supporting it in basically the same manner as I do in Frontiers of Knowledge. The difference is that I have greatly condensed the original in-depth treatment of each topic: each of the larger book’s first twelve chapters is reduced to a short section. I also leave out almost all of its extensive endnotes (some of which are fairly long), omit the appendices, and abbreviate the large recommended reading and viewing list. (I have included almost all of the glossary items from Frontiers of Knowledge because they summarize many of the key concepts.) With these deletions and reductions, Framework of Reality can be viewed as the “Cliffs Notes” for Frontiers of Knowledge. Because it follows the same outline as the larger book, readers interested in the details and supporting documentation for a particular topic in a section of Framework of Reality can find it by going to the corresponding chapter in Frontiers of Knowledge.

3. Book 3 is Partially Drafted

Book 3, Glimpses of God and the Multidimensional Universe, points to “A New Era of Spiritual Revelations” [tentative title]—one where all of the different categories of spiritual experiences are integrated into a coherent structure that provides the basis for developing spirituality into a “knowledge discipline.” This book is where I introduce my additional spiritual sources beyond those presented in Book 1—primarily spiritual entities channeled through humans. There are several additional spiritual sources used in book 3. An overview of my spiritual sources and their information is provided under the tab, Spiritual Sources.

A key product planned for Book 3 (completed in a prototype form) is the evaluation of approximately 20-30 spiritual hypotheses using information from 7 to 10 of my quality spiritual sources. This evaluation provides level of confidence for different spiritual concepts—a key step towards developing spirituality into a knowledge discipline.

Reading Frontiers and Book 3 will provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of spiritual phenomena, introductions to quality spiritual sources, and insights into how spiritual information can contribute to understanding scientific anomalies. Each chapter provides a comprehensive and integrated treatment of a subject (for example, NDE), and the books could be used for a two-semester introduction to spirituality.

Book 3 status: 60% or more drafted.

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