Comparison of Spiritual Concepts from Multiple Sources

Before starting to write Frontiers of Knowledge, I had been investigating spiritual information and concepts from a variety of unusual “quality” spiritual sources and comparing what they said about key spiritual concepts and experiences. (“Quality” was a comparative subjective assessment by me.) Below are my selected quality sources are:

  • Spiritual channels: Abraham group by Esther Hicks, Seth by Jane Roberts, The Guides by Ron Scolastico, “Conversations with God” by Neal Donald Walsch, and The Lightspeakers by Christie Penington.  An input to my selection process was the personal experiences and interactions I had with the last three, and a friend had this with Esther Hicks, the Abraham channeler.)
  • “Well-known” between-lives regressionists: Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon
  • Several “Unusual” but quality spiritual sources: The information and concepts provided in Robert Schwartz in his book Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born. My second “unusual” source is the information provided by Charles Graybar in his book Beyond the Broken Gate: an Ordinary Man’s Extraordinary Journey in Learning Who We Are, Why We Live, and Where We’re Going.

More information on most of the above is provided in the other tabs under “spiritual sources.”

Preliminary comparing consistency of information from a variety of unusual spiritual sources is provided below in three tables for a number of hypotheses about “spiritual realities” for a limited set of the spiritual sources.


Table X-1 (preliminary).  Summary of Spiritual Sources Scoring on the Spiritual Hypotheses Set 1


 (preliminary).  Summary of Spiritual Sources Scoring on the Spiritual Hypotheses Set 2



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