New Overview of Frontier of Knowledge (and Framework of Reality)–July 11, 2014

In Frontiers of Knowledge (Framework of Reality is a condensed version of Frontiers), I posits that reality is based on spiritual consciousness expressed through subtle-energy and information fields. Early in Frontiers, I presents one of my basic premises: “If consciousness, in some unknown manner, is behind physical reality as quantum physics expresses it, then we would expect to see traces of it in the observed phenomenology of other scientific disciplines.” I then go on to show more than traces in astronomy and cosmology, evolutionary biology, and unusual mind-body expressions.

I emphasize the importance of conducting systematic investigations of unusual phenomena. Two of my chapters include in their titles “Scientific and Systematic Investigations of” for the subjects of near-death experiences (NDEs), and reincarnation. We normally don’t associate science with these, but I show that there is a growing body of knowledge in both being created by scientifically trained investigators.

All of this can be very strange, but it gets even more “out-of-the-ordinary” when I start providing detailed accounts of the highly developed society in “the lower spiritual realm” (heaven). Relying on information from between-lives spiritual regressionists (primarily Michael Newton), I present details of this realm that are consistent with those found in rich NDEs. This is a breakthrough development, and I believe all spiritual explorers would benefit from studying this information.

Those with a more scientific perspective will be challenged by the great mysteries of dark matter and energy and the fined-tuned nature of our universe’s physics and the role of consciousness in the foundation of quantum mechanics. John Wheeler, one of America’s top 20th-century physicist came to believe that “the essence of all physical objects is in their information, but this information came into being when the universe observed itself.” Obviously, there were no physical beings at the beginning. I propose that spiritual beings in another dimension or universe had to be behind the process of creation and evolution.

My books build on and extend the concepts of McTaggert’s The Field and Laszlo’s Science and the Akashic Field by explicitly describing how spiritual intelligence is working through subtle-energy fields. There is much for others to absorb and ponder in my extensive and comprehensive presentation. Because of its scope, I believe Frontiers has the potential to be one of the key books of the twenty-first century.

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