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  1. My Initial Set of Unique Spiritual Sources
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 1. My Initial Set of Unique Spiritual Sources

Here I introduce several interesting spiritual sources that provide additional spiritual information and perspectives; and in some cases they represent different spiritual phenomenology. The new sources are:

  1. Charles Graybar’s 10-years of experiences as a human in the spiritual realm with his guides
  2. Robert Schwartz’s accounts of souls choosing challenging life conditions
  3. Glenda Green’s conversations with a spiritual master, the soul of which we know in its most recognizable human life as Jesus

Graybar provides some of the most profound spiritual experiences and information; but if his experiences are considered in isolation from other corroborating sources, one would be left wondering if it could possibly be real. When his information is considered in combination with all the other information in this chapter and the previous chapters, I have confidence in its validity because of the great overlap in information and experiences. The same is true for the information provided by Glenda Green from her conversations with the soul of Jesus.

Schwartz’s book, Your Soul’s Plan, chronicles the seemingly “tragic” life challenges of ten humans: nine of whom planned their life challenges while in the spiritual realm as their primary human experience; that is, they set-up the challenges in their soul pre-life planning. To study pre-life planning, Schwartz relies heavily on mediums and channels to obtain information on the individual soul’s planning with other souls who are participating with its human life drama.

Green’s book, Love without End: Jesus Speaks, is about conversations she had with a spiritual entity that she experienced as Jesus. The audio version of her material is titled “Conversations with Jesus.” Green is a talented portrait painter who, after some persuasion, agreed to paint a portrait of Jesus. Interestingly, when she started work on the portrait, Jesus manifested in a physical form (to Glenda) and spoke to her. Over the next four months, they had many conversations. In these Jesus answered many questions Glenda asked over a wide range of subjects: nature of the universe, science (including the basic element of matter), how to correctly interpret key New Testament passages, power of beliefs, how consciousness is imbued in all physical elements, even the smallest particles of matter, and many others.

Key References Used for Spiritual Channeling

Charles Graybar, Beyond the Broken Gate: an Ordinary Man’s Extraordinary Journey in Learning Who We Are, Why We Live, and Where We’re Going (Serenity Hill, 2003).

Robert Schwartz, Your Soul’s Plan:  Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born (North Atlantic Books). Originally published as Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?  Also see Schwartz’s web site http://www.courageoussouls.com/

Green, Glenda, Love without End: Jesus Speaks… (Heartwing Publishing, Revised10th anniversary edition, published in 2002 by Spirit Publications). This edition has some additional material and small revisions to the original 1999 editions.

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