Science: A New Era

Overview of New Developments in Science:
  1. The concept of frontier science that occurs at the outer edge of scientific fields
  2. Highlights of key scientific anomalies (puzzles) uncovered in a large number of scientific disciplines – Excerpts from Frontiers of Knowledge
  3. Concept of a new universal (subtle-energy) field proposed to help explain many of the unusual phenomena
  4. Key posts: click here  for discussion on Intelligent Design in Cosmology and Evolutionary; click here  for how the verification of key spiritual related phenomenon would be the “discovery of the century.”
1. Frontier Science (2013.03.04)

Henry Bauer (a founder and prominent contributor to the Journal of Scientific Exploration) introduces the concept of “frontier science”—the research occurring in new scientific disciplines and at the leading edge of established ones where major anomalies are present. (See Bauer’s Scientific Literacy and the Myth of the Scientific Method)  At the other end of the spectrum of scientific research is what Bauer labels “textbook science,” in which there is steady advance in well-defined research areas.

Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions goes further, describing conventional science as “normal” research and characterizing its goal as cumulative: “[It] owes its success to the ability of scientists regularly to select problems that can be solved by the conceptual and instrumental techniques close to those already in existence.” Kuhn makes the point that normal science is not looking for new facts or theory. It is successful when it finds none.

Bauer’s view of frontier science is one where many ideas and theories are very tentative, controversial, biased, and unreliable because the issues have not been settled. However, he observes that errors and biases are weeded out and settled over time by the systematic and critical exploration of relevant phenomena and by the development of new concepts, theories, and explanations for the observed phenomena.


2. Highlights of Key Scientific Anomalies

[From Frontiers of Knowledge] Explore with me what is happening at the frontiers of science where a large number of anomalies are accumulating in many scientific disciplines that cannot be answered by scientists with existing theories and their world views (paradigms). Explore with me puzzles in the following disciplines:


  • Quantum physics: start to understand how quantum mechanics provides us with glimpses of a universe that is much different than our everyday experience of reality.
  • Cosmology: get an insight into the fine-tuning present in our universe and the mysteries that caused one scientists to recently write, “What we don’t know far outweighs what we do know.”
  • Evolutionary Biology: see how a human species’ energy and information field is required to explain our evolution and our development and growth from an embryo because not enough genes were discovered in the human gnome DNA project.
  • Nature of Mind and Brain: understand how our mind appears to have a holographic energy structure that can exists independently of the human brain.
  • Consciousness Anomalies: see why I believe that a major part of 21st century science will be about understanding consciousness and how it manifests in the universe.
  • Unusual Mind-Body Phenomena: Edward and Emily Kelly and their coauthors of Irreducible Mind: Towards a 21st-Century Psychology have summarized the documented information on a large variety of these phenomena by scientifically trained researchers.

Examples of anomalies for each of these disciplines are provided in the other pull-down menu items.

 3. Concept of New Universal Field

All of the anomalies are forcing radical restructurings of our views on reality. At the heart of a new scientific worldview trying to be birthed is the concept of a universal field of energy and information that connects all matter and life. This is fundamentally a new scientific paradigm. Two of the most major sources for helping the general public understand the rationale and the characteristics of this new universal field are Ervin Laszlo’s Science and the Akashic Field and Lynne McTaggart’s The Field (where she introduces the Zero Point Field, ZPF).

Hints of this field are present in many of the world’s spiritual traditions and beliefs, especially Eastern ones: the Hindu’s Akashi and the Chinese Taoist belief that a basic energy, the Qi, pervades all life.

The concept of the Akashic Field/ZPF as the fundamental structure of our universe is a radical new hypothesis and perspective for science. It is one that holds the promise for uniting our scientific and spiritual experiences.

4. New Highlights.


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