Table of Contents – Book 3 Draft

Book 3 – Glimpses of God and the Multidimensional Universe: Spiritual Sources for a New Era of Revelation


New Spiritual Concepts and Approaches

Book 2 Outline—Spiritual Sources for a New Era of Revelation

1. Overview of Key Spiritual and Scientific Information in Book 1

Scientific/Systematic Studies of Near-Death Experiences Scientific/Systematic Studies of Reincarnation Life Between Lives Explorations of the Spiritual Realm

2. Introduction to Spiritual Channeling

Definition and Overview of Spiritual Channeling

Mediums, Psychics and the Divining Arts

Description of the Human Spiritual Channeling Experience

Exploratory Dialogues with Spiritual Teaching Group

3. Broadcasts from the Spiritual Realm by Soul Teaching Groups

Scolastico’s The Guides on God: Creation of Souls & Physical Universe

Mastering Human Creation: Instructions from Abraham

Understanding Reincarnation: Walsch’s Home with God Book

Edgar Cayce: a Pathfinder and Our First Quality Channeling Source  x

My Experiences in Conversations with My Higher Self

4. Exploring the Infinite with Three Diverse Spiritual Sources

Charles Graybar: Human Adventure in the Spiritual Realm

Robert Swartz: Choosing Challenging Life Conditions

Glenda Green’s Conversations with Spiritual Master (Jesus)

Consistency in Information from the Three Sources

5. Human Evolution, Multidimensional DNA, and 2012 Shift

Introduction to Kryon   (Channeled by Lee Carroll)

Human Evolution and the Enrichment of Humanoid DNA

Multidimensional DNA and Human Energy Fields

Souls Guiding Earth and Human Evolution

2012 Event and a Shift in Human Consciousness

6. Spiritual Sources on Parallel and Multidimensional Universes

Seth on Alternative Realities and the Open-ended Nature of the Soul

Dolores Cannon’s Information on Parallel Universes and Other

Other Sources on Parallel and Multidimensional Realities

7. Samples of Spiritual Realm Technology

Newton’s Holographic-Emotional Interactive Device

Newton’s Rings of Destiny

Graybar’s Probability Historical Simulation

Swartz’s Soul Life Planning Tool

8. Search for Confidence: Testing Hypotheses & Finding “Truths”

My System for Creating and Evaluating Spiritual Hypotheses

Hypotheses on God, Creation, Souls and Evolution

Hypotheses on Souls Experiencing Human Lives (Reincarnation)

Hypotheses on Basic Nature of Spiritual Realm

Hypotheses on Multidimensional Nature of Spiritual Realm

9. Spiritual Information and Hints on Scientific Puzzles

Basic Elements of the Universe

Cosmology Constant of Universe

Fine-Tuning in Cosmology and the Anthropic Principle

Evolutionary Biology and Subtle Energy Fields

Nature of Mind and Its Functions

Human Communication and Telepathy

Scientific Anomalies and Spiritual Information

10. Summary: Are We in A New Era of Revelation?

Weaving it all together: Arguments for New Era of Revelation

Convergence of Science and Spirituality via the Akashic Field

Answers to Fundamental Questions of Existence

Poem Multidimensional Spiritual Universe & the Land of Yin and Yan

Epilogue : The Four Modes of Being to Fully Experience Life

Appendix A: Table of Kryon’s Twelve Layers DNA Description

Appendix B: Detailed Scoring of Hypotheses and Testing Results


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