Table of Contents – Frontiers of Knowledge

New Era of Knowledge Book Series: (1) Frontiers of Knowledge and (2) Glimpses of God and the Multidimensional Universe

Book 1—Frontiers of Knowledge: Scientific and Spiritual Sources for a New Era

[updated 12.21.12 with some simplifications and consolidations. All chapters have summaries which are not shown.]


  • New Scientific Concepts and Spirituality Knowledge
  • How This Book Is Organized

Part 1—Science and the Exploration of Reality  

1. The Exploration of Reality

  • Exploring Reality at the Frontiers of Knowledge
  • Scientific Revolutions and Worldview Changes
  • Hints of an Expanded Reality

2. The Field: Potential Answers to Anomalies in Physics 

  • Anomalies and Strange Phenomena in Quantum Physics
  • Anomalies in Cosmology—the Large-Scale Physical Universe
  • Summary: Insights on the Nature of Reality from Physics

3. The Field: Vehicle for Evolution and Expressions of Mind

  • Evolutionary Biology: Anomalies Requiring New Concepts
  • Puzzling Mind (Brain, Senses and Memory) Observations

4. The Field: Vehicle for the Full Expression of Consciousness

  • Consciousness: First-Order Anomalies of the Mind
  • Consciousness Anomalies Requiring the Concept of the Soul

    Summary for Part 1: Science and the Exploration of Reality

Part 2—Evidence Supporting New Views of Reality

5. Scientific and Systematic Investigations of NDEs

  • Investigations of Near-death Experience / The Near-Death Experience
  • NDE Research Studies that Create a Degree of “Proof”
  • Summary of NDE Evidence for Nonphysical Consciousness
  • NDE Cases with Rich Experiences of the Spiritual Realm and Beyond

6. Scientific and Systematic Investigations of Reincarnation 

  • Investigations of Children Who Remember their Past Lives
  • Group Past-Life Historical Regression Investigations by Wambach
  • Independent Cases and Semkiw’s Reincarnation Hypothesis

7. Spiritual Hypnosis & Similarities of Its Experiences with NDEs

  • Introduction to Spiritual Hypnosis
  • Overview of the Soul’s Journey in the Spiritual Realm / Highlights of a Sample Between-Lives Session
  • Comparing NDE Example with Between-Lives Regression Experience

8. Spiritual Hypnosis Discoveries—New Views of “Heaven”

  • Soul Levels, Hierarchies, and Organization of the Spiritual Realm
  • Soul Activities in the Spiritual Realm / Phenomenon of Reincarnation
  • Purpose of Reincarnation and Roles of Karma, Free Will, and Love
  • Source God, Creation, and the Evolution of Consciousness

     Summary for Part 2: Evidence Supporting New Views of Reality

Part 3—Integrated Concepts of Reality

9. The Human Subtle-Energy System 

  • Introduction to Subtle-Energy System
  • Model of the Human Subtle-Energy System (B. Brennan, Cyndi Dale)
  • Universal Calibration Lattice and Reconnective Healing
  • Human Subtle-Energy System in a Sea of Energy Fields
  • Evidence of the Human Subtle-Energy System

10. Ability of Mind to Affect Human Conditions 

  • Scientific Survey of Psychophysical Phenomena  2
  • Examples of Psychophysical Phenomena / Prayer Healing
  • Factors Affecting the Ability to Influence Human Conditions
  • Explaining & Modeling Psychophysical Effects / Examples
  • Healing with the Human Subtle-Energy System

11. Parallel Universes, Multidimensional Realities, and Creation

  • Parallel Universes / The Multiverse and Multidimensional Realities
  • Perceiving Higher Dimensions in the Spiritual Realm
  • Concepts and Information on the Creation of Universe

    Summary for Part 3: Integrated Concepts of Reality

Part 4—End Game  1

12. Creating a Knowledge Discipline for Spirituality & Consciousness

  • Reviewing the Background / Characteristics of Knowledge Discipline
  • Creating a Knowledge Discipline for Spirituality
  • Understanding Consciousness and Love: Two of Science’s Biggest Challenges

Chapter 13. Summary: Realizing a New Era of Knowledge

  • Overview of Key Findings and Explanations
  • Summary Answers to Five Fundamental Questions of Existence
  • My Integrated Concept of Reality
  • Subtle-Energy Fields—Foundations of Our Universe
  • Growing Consciousness and Spirituality into Knowledge Discipline

Epilogue: Sharing the Knowledge

  • My Bother’s Funeral—Poem of Human Transition
  • Postscript: Communication from the Other Side

Appendix A: Overview of Scientific Method in Two Disciplines

Appendix B: Overview and Highlights of Price’s NDE

Appendix C: Karen’s NDE Case

Appendix D: Early Developments of Spiritual Hypnosis

Appendix E: Sample Life-Between-Lives Hypnosis Session

Appendix F: Universal Calibration Lattice & Reconnective Healing

Appendix G / H: Homeopathy and Subtle-Energy Field / Nonromantic Expressions of Love

Endnotes [by chapter]


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