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New 4-Part Workshop Format

This spring I have created a 4-part information and experiential workshop that can be flexibly fitted within several time structures:

  • Four 2-hour session spread over 4 weeks
  • Weekend: 5-6 hour Sat. session + 2 hour Sun. session
  • Other combinations totaling 7 to 8 hours

My first version of this workshop was presented at the Baltimore MD One God One Thought (OGOT) Center on four successive Wednesdays April 20 to May 11.

To view (and download) the flyer describing the 4-part workshop for Unity of Hagerstown MD, click here

Key descriptions of this workshop from sample flyer are given below:

4-Part Workshop Description

Workshop presents highlights from Rev. Kinney’s book Frontiers of Knowledge on frontier scientific findings and consciousness and spiritual experiences that are forcing us to expand our concepts of reality to include the active role of spiritual intelligence (souls) in a multidimensional universe. In each workshop, highlights will be presented from one of Frontiers of Knowledge’s 4 parts:

  1. Science and the Exploration of Reality
  2. Evidence Supporting New [Spiritual] Views of Reality
  3. Subtle and Expanded Dimensions of Reality
  4. Integrated Concepts of Reality and summary highlights.

Each session will also have an experiential segment:

  1. Introductory regression experience
  2. A past-life experience
  3. Experiencing our human subtle-energy body
  4. Being initiated into having written conversations with our higher self (Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God method).

Each of the Four Sessions Will Present Knowledge Highlights from Frontiers of Knowledge on

  1. Frontier scientific discoveries in: Quantum physics’ strangeness, astronomy’s fine-tuned universe, new evolutionary biology information challenging Neo-Darwinism, and mind-blowing consciousness research.
  2. Scientific investigations of NDEs, reincarnation experiences, plus between-lives regression findings that provide us with the first systematic view of our nonphysical “home.” These are unusual consciousness phenomena that require the concept of the human soul to explain.
  3. The human subtle-energy system and how it explains strange mind-body phenomena plus the emerging scientific and spiritual information on parallel and multiple dimensional universes.
  4. Creating a new knowledge discipline for these very strange phenomena. Explaining two of our biggest scientific mysteries: consciousness and love. Plus a summary of a new framework of reality.

Description of Home 6-Hour Workshop (Jan. 31, 2015)

Workshop presents highlights from Doug’s books Frontiers of Knowledge and Framework of Reality. It also includes several experiential processes, and there will be time for networking and sharing of personal experiences.

Workshop covers key scientific puzzles and consciousness and spiritual experiences that are forcing us to expand our concepts of reality to include the active role of spiritual intelligence distributed throughout a multidimensional universe. Also covered is the human subtle-energy body system’s role in unusual mind-body phenomena including physical healings. Attendees will be given an opportunity to “feel or sense” the body’s subtle energy, and participate in healing demonstrations.

Other experiential processes are a group past-life regression (with several between-lives experiences) and learning how to connect with the higher self via spiritual journaling–the Neal Donald Walsch “Conversation with God” approach. (You might want to bring mat or pillow for regression.)

My plan is to present one or two 1-day workshops a month through the remainder of 2015 at my home or a sponsoring spiritual center.

Cost: Love offering; suggest $10 to $50 depending on your income (for example $20,000 to $100,000+).

Workshops Planned

Three general types of workshops are available. These are summarized below in terms of their contents.

Content 2- to 3-hour Workshop One-Day (6 hour) Workshop Weekend (Two-Day) Workshop*
Introduction/Overview of Books 1 & 2 X (brief) X X
Past-Life Session (exper.) X (in 3-hr W/S) X X
Journaling with Your Higher Self (experiential) X X X
Presentation of Major Consciousness Anomalies X X X
Sensing Human Subtle-Energy Bodies (Exper.) X X
Spiritual/Consciousness Exercise #`4 X
2nd Past-Life Session with Between-Lives Exp. X

* With Friday night overview and introduction for general public.

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